2021 - Let's do this YOGA thing!

It may not quite be the clean slate, fresh start to the year that some of us were hoping for, but still it brings with it 365 opportunities for us to hopefully, make the most of each new day.

January certainly seems to have come and gone in the blink of an eye!

Holidays are officially over, the kids are heading back to school, alarm clocks and lunchboxes are back...

For TRUDYOGA January has also been a busy planning, scheduling, coordinating and then practicing 'letting-go' month which has brought with it some new things, which have become cancelled things, which have brought other new things and so on :)

So, without further ado...these are the current classes for Term 1, 2021:

| Friday 6.30pm - Vinyasa Flow @ Peats Ridge Public School Hall

| Sundays 9.30am - Slow Flow @ Spencer Community Hall

Unfortunately :( the Wednesday evening class at Mangrove Mountain Hall had to be cancelled as quickly as it was added, due to new work commitments at that same time.

If there is enough interest - I am hoping to reinstate the Yin Yang class on a Wednesday morning instead of evening in the future... please message me and let me know if this is something you would like to see/attend.

Remember that if you purchase a 10 class pass, your visits do not need to be consecutive or at the same class each time, they can be at any venue where I hold classes. To purchase your passes online, head to , or cash is accepted in class. While #covid restrictions have eased somewhat, please still allow enough time to check in before class using the QR code and sign in sheet, and a few extra minutes if it is your very first class for a little extra paper work and to get yourself settled in. Continue to observe the #socialdistancing rules as you enter, place your mats and leave the venue, and use the hand sanitiser on the front counter at sign in/out, and the wipes to clean your mat (if you've used one of ours) before you store it back in the box.

I know it takes no small amount of planning, prioritising and commitment to dedicate time for yourself to attend a weekly #yoga class, but also know that the rewards and benefits to your physical and mental health and the flow on effect of those benefits far outweigh any other 'reasons' you can come up with not to attend, and so, sincerely hope I will see you on a #yoga mat somewhere in the #mountaindistrict very soon.



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