I hope this message finds you all safe, healthy & well ~ While we are all rapidly adjusting to a brand new way of doing things, and working out interesting ways in which to spend our days at home... Distance - does not have to mean - Disconnection This Easter, remember that although you may not all be sitting around the same table, sharing the same meal with extended family, or attending a favourite picnic or camping spot with your besties... we have discovered many fun new ways to remain connected - with technology. This weekend, why not Skype, Zoom, FaceTime or make any other kind of video call to your Nan/Pop/Aunty/Uncle/Cousin you haven't spoken to in who knows how long... and let your kids use those hilarious cat/dog/pizza face filters for an added laugh. Technology not your thing?   Pick up the phone, or get reacquainted with the long forgotten art of putting pen to paper!

~~~ However, also take the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate this newfound sense of space.   Extra time at home could mean catching up on gardening you never had time for, reading that book you never got around to, trying out that recipe, establishing a daily meditation/yoga/fitness practice... But most important of all - don't forget to be kind to yourself! We are all wonderfully human, and finding our way through this - or anything else new and possibly challenging - comes with its up days, and quite likely, some downs too.   Try to allow these feelings to come and go without judgement, and instead, let those feelings guide you, to listen, to be open to what it is that you need most for each day.   Try to imagine what you would say to your child/partner/friend in the same situation, and allow yourself that same generosity, kindness & grace. You're worth it.

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